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  Island Property Services, situated on Beaver Island MI, is a reputable Co-Hosting Property Management company that offers comprehensive services for vacation rentals. Your dedicated Co-Host works closely with homeowners to ensure a seamless experience for guests. From marketing and advertising to content creation, property checks, restocking essential items, guest communication, and managing bookings, we handle all aspects of property management with utmost professionalism.

Travel Apps
  • Booking & Calendar Platform Management (ex:Airbnb & VRBO)

  • Listing Creations

  • Guest Vetting

  • Social Media Creations 

  • Social Media Managment

  • Island Property Services Website Listing

  • Maintenance, Repair, Service Management & Coordinating 

  • Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Website Listing   (328,00 views in 2022)

  • Property Checks  (custom tailored)    

  • Opening & Closing Seasonal Homes

  • Staging

  • Handyman Services 
  • Security Monitoring 

  • Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce FB Listing Advertisement 

  • Cleaning Management & Coordinating  (cleaning fee is separate) 

  • Essential Item Count & Restock    

  • Pre - Post Guest Communication

  • Owner Consulting

Our Handyman services cater to a wide range of needs, from major construction projects to minor repairs. We offer a variety of services, including but not limited to: Construction, Remodeling, Installs, Decks, Patios, Porches, Chimney Sweeping, Hauling, Tree Service, and Brush & Debris Removal. Our Island Contractors are very resilient and capable. Island homes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, & personalities. Our Handyman services will be based on the availability of both the contractors and materials, as our contractors are in high demand.

  • Marketing & Advertising 

Our Packages




Discover the benefits of having a Co-Host. With enhanced care, restocking, and protection of your home. Boost advertising efforts and significantly increase booking percentages.  Enjoy the convenience of a local point of contact for you and your guests, offering the convenience of timely assistance whenever needed.  Rest assured, with our Co-Host, you can expect top-notch problem-solving skills and exceptional customer service.



  Island Property Service's Co-Hosting staff has more than 15 years of expertise in Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and Management. We have the skills and knowledge to create content that aligns with your vision, ensuring it is themed, designed, and showcased to exceed your expectations. Expanding your reach to a diverse pool of potential guests across various platforms and advertising channels is crucial.

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